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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crazy Quilt vest

Here you go Pam...a couple of pictures of the vest I made a number of years ago. I've posted pictures here before (way back when I started my blog) and one or two of you might remember it from then.
There has been no creativity over the past few days...been busy working on 'the book'. I have the main part of it done (350 pages of typing!) and now I'm working on the portion where my gr, gr grandfather kept his financial records. The end is in sight!


  1. That is such a beautiful vest, i do like your 'crazy' work very much. Funnily enough i have one very similar which i bought from an Op shop (charity shop) for $2, but it's lacking all the beautiful hand stitching - perhaps if i send it.....?...ROFL. Kt.

  2. I have not seen it before MA abd it is truly beautiful.

  3. Beautiful! Beautiful!!!
    And I love your new thistle BG---so very Scottish and makes me think of curling.....
    Hey, It's Anne, remember???? :D


  4. Vest is looking good. Love the embroidery.

  5. I've made one or two myself but not as pretty as this one. I didn't use any hand embroidery - just the fancy stitches on the machine.

  6. Beautiful CQ vest. I always wanted to make a CQ vest or jacket, but it's still on my to do list.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous MA! I love it and you should wear it! Thanks for taking the time to post a photo. Love kitty too! ;)

  8. What a gorgeous crazy quilt vest!


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