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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More ABC's and 1954 Fashions

Here are a couple more pages from the Prince Arthur's ABC book. Please feel free to use these images if you would like, but I would love it if you would let me see what you do!! Another 'find' is the Eaton's of Canada spring and summer catalogue from 1954 (the year I was born). The pages are all larger than my scanner will accept, but I will post an assortment for you to play with in your art. Most of the catalogue is in black & white, 605 pages of memories and lots to choose from for you to see! Hope you will enjoy the series.


  1. These are just great!! Would love to be able to buy dresses like that instead of scrounging for old patterns to make them.....
    Thanks for putting the images up!


  2. Ohh i love it - kite rhymes with knight, even tall battlements to throw spears from. Thankyou Mary Anne. K.

  3. I was in school in 1954 and remember longing for some of those dresses (never mind that I pretty well lived in jeans). I loved those full skirts...

  4. I remember when we had waists and wore clothes and belts that showed it off. Whatever happened to us.

    I bet looking at the old Eaton's catalogue is a hoot. Hold onto it MA - it might be worth something some day.



  5. I just love that ABC book!


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