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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Doll Swap!

Look what came in the mail today!! This lively little fellow was made for me by Therese of the Decidedly Different Doll Group and he is absolutely adorable. Please click on the pictures to see more detail. He is fully poseable and sports the cutest plaid pants and velvet vest with teeny tiny little bead buttons. He's holding a four-leaf clover necklace Therese made for me.
Here's a side view so you can see his funky hair a bit better. How cool is that?!! Talk about a Mohawk!
AND...I don't think Therese knows that I collect atcs....she included one!

ps. I'll show a picture of the doll I made for the swap after it arrives at Stacies.


  1. Yes, he is adorable. Fully poseable? What's he made of?

  2. Cute! I mailed mine to Brenda yesterday and I'm awaiting mine as well. Fun swap!


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