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Monday, February 04, 2008

Thrift Store finding

Yesterday we were invited to #1 son's for supper and on the way we stopped into one of the Value Villages in Toronto where I picked up a nice size bag of threads...both embroidery floss and some tapestry wool too. The bottom picture shows the usual 'snarl' of threads that most people have and the top picture is of the more useable bits. I wind all my threads onto cardboard (or plastic) bobbins which helps to keep them MUCH neater and pretty much avoids the snarly mess which is completely and utterly frustrating.
I also picked up a few books - one on creative coffee-making which intrigued me because I loves me my java! Can't wait to try a few of the recipes and get higher on caffeine than I normally am. Yum....

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  1. great finds those threads... they're so expensive new compared with the "fun" of found treasures.


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