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Friday, February 01, 2008

ATC and guess

Today I have two pictures for you. The first is of an atc I just finished. The base is iron on interfacing (brand name has long gone from the package). On top of that I added snippets of fibres, ribbons, silks and just whatever was in my little jar of 'bits' I keep for just this type of thing. Then I ironed on another layer of iron-on interface and topped it off with a piece of Glad Wrap plastic wrap, which I also pressed with an iron. It shriveled up quite nicely, but stunk a bit so I think I really should have done that part outside. Didn't set the smoke alarm off though, so it couldn't have been too bad!
The other picture is the beginning of my next project. Any guesses of what it might be? And before you go getting any ideas, I have not partaken of all those wines!

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  1. your atc turned out really well. I've just begun experimenting with coloured plastic wrap. I generally layer it with bits and bobs between, fuse it together with the iron, and then trim it and add it as a layer to my project... a different effect then the "pulled" one you got :-)


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