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Friday, February 22, 2008

FEBRUARY TIF - FINISHED and bubble, bubble, toil & trouble

I finished my piece for the February TIF challenge and all-in-all I'm pretty pleased with it. The picture is clickable so you can enlarge it and see the details better (maybe I shouldn't tell you that in case you find something wrong with it!).
The other picture is the reason I have rather bright brown fingers at the moment. I'm playing around with a technique my friend Doreen ( ) posted on January 30 on her blog. I threw a number of tea bags into hot water & let them steep for awhile. They're now drying in the square container. The hot liquid left over was too good to waste, so....there's a hunk of cotton fabric and several used Swiffer dusting sheets percolating in the measuring cup. Can you guess that there's something tea-themed coming up?
Speaking of things coming up...I am rapidly nearing my 500th post, which is cause for celebration. Who knew I had that much stick-to-it-ivness to make it this far? So, folks, there will be a draw for a prize or two coming up!! You'll have to stay tuned for further details and be sure to get your 'comment' fingers exercised up.


  1. Congrats, my girl! Don't send me anything though---i just got rid of two thirds of the studio!!!!!!

  2. Your TIF block looks fantastic MA..
    and who would have thought that you could mumble through 500 blogposts amazing.


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