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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Oops! and pieced block

This block will be winging over to Australia to spend some time visiting Doreen. We've arranged an exchange where she will work on a block I've pieced and I will work on one of hers. This will be one more block I will be including in my quilt and I have to admit I'm really looking forward to having some of Doreens beautiful work in my hot little hands!

As for the oops part of this post - I very nearly had a panic attack this afternoon over a birthday gift I'm making. It was coming down to the final stages and I was attempting to quilt (very large stitches, kind of folk arty style). I was quite pleased with my efforts until....gasp, oh no, just LOOK AT WHAT I DID, there's a HOLE right in the MIDDLE of it!!!!!! HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN SO STUPID AS TO THINK YANKING KNOTTED CROCHET COTTON through one of the layers to 'bury' it would go well. To my eternal credit, I didn't swear. Not even a little bit. (Much).
Ummm....what to do, what to do?????
AHA said I - BoNash powder is for just these sorts of disasters. Perfect, right?
Careful snipping of teeny-tiny threads of the black fabric, even more careful application of a miniscule bit of powder into the hole, followed by carefully tucked bits of threads and more powder. looks really good. Now...apply iron (with a proper pressing sheet over top of course). Ummm.....oops.
There's an iron-shaped splat in the middle of the quilt, which WASN't supposed to happen. AND to make matters worse my carefully applied bits of threads and powder are now shiny. Very, very shiny. Well, @#$%!!!!!!!
oooookkkkk....what if I 'carefully' applied the iron and tried to blend afore-mentioned splat and make it look as if it was supposed to be there? Not perfect, but ok. Now, what to do with the very, very shiny ex-hole. Hmmmm....
Suffice to say, it's pretty amazing that an appliqued new moon covers a multitude of sins and should have occured to me in the first place!!


  1. OMG ... this could only happen on a present...and dare I say to you! Glad it worked out and you saved the project! (I could visualize your escapade!)

  2. omg maryanne i would have been pulling my hair out. hopefully it all turn out, keep my fingers crossed for you.

  3. That's not black and grey????
    you tricked me


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