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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


No pictures...again. Do any of my readers happen to know if installing a spyware program into the computer would have any bearing on the ability to load pictures into my blog? I'm such a computer illiterate and really have no clue. Or is it Blogger itself that's having issues?

I also can't seem to make any links work at the moment and am wondering if it has any bearing on the spyware program?? #2 son loaded the spyware program on when he was home on the weekend and it seems odd that all these problems have cropped up at the same time...or is it just coincidence? Any ideas? Make sure the ideas aren't too technical, 'cause I dun't speaka da puter-ese wif any degwee of bwain!!


  1. I'm with you MA as far as being computer literate but I remember someone saying to me once "if it worked before you changed it- then the change is the problem".
    what does your son say about the problem?

  2. Try clearing your cache and your cookies too.

  3. Anonymous9:47 PM

    As a fellow computer nerd. what I do when all else fails is go to "system restore" and rstore to a date when I know it was working. Worth a try?
    Good luck!

  4. hi maryanne, if you like get a hold of my brother in the evening at home. he knows alot about computers ok.he does mine all the time.or leave a message on his computer but it,s best if you talk to him.


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