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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

#495, oh oh, and atc trades

Post # 495...we're closing in on 500!!
Somebody named 'Anonymous' left a comment on my post yesterday to remind me that I didn't do my motherly duty and mention that Monday was #2 sons' 23rd birthday...which was one of the reasons we were at #1 sons for supper. (There, that better??? Have I earned my motherhood stripes back??)
On to the subject at hand, which is the CQTeers swap we did today. The top picture shows our goodies. On the left you can see a wonderful little book that Sue made to hold atcs. The middle two atcs on the top were the ones I made for our swap. Irene did the one on the bottom left and Sue made the three valentine ones on the right. The black blob on the upper right is what we worked on (second picture was a second effort to come up with a good picture, but I guess it's too 'shiny' to turn out well). Anyway. We played with bits of punchinella (sequin waste) and mine, which started out to be flowers, turned into fireworks. Fun to do and nice to learn something new. Don't ask about the consumption of chocolate, because I'm pleading innocence.

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