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Saturday, February 16, 2008

I got mail!

Just look what came in the mail! The postcard is from Donna of . I really hope the colour is at least somewhat 'true' in the picture because it's a lovely multi-layered fushia with lots of sparkle and sheen. Thank you so much Donna (I'm still working on yours & will have it in the post as soon as I can).
The atc is the one I received from Susan Lenz for our trade. 
The other picture shows some progress on this months TIF. I have to keep remembering that slow and steady wins the race.


  1. Your crazy bloch is looking good MA
    I started stitching mine yesterday--long way to go yet.

  2. love the tobacco silk "poppy" you included on your block. I had a number of silks around, but have recently given them to a friend who will appreciate them much more then I...

    Glad the card arrived safe and sound. I'm always amazed at what goes through the mail! :-)


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