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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Announcing Cyber Fyber Exhibition!!

I am pleased and excited to announce what is turning out to be a fantastic exhibition which will be taking place. You can get all the information here:

Susan Lenz is organizing a fiber arts exhibition which will include a number of invited artists (the list will astound you), atcs and fabric postcards. She has created a large number of both atcs and postcards which are available for trade one-on-one and in turn, your piece of art will be on display at the Cyber Fyber Exhibition. How cool is that?

I'm really happy to say that Susan has agreed to trade the atc I posted here yesterday for #105. We're both mailing on Monday so I'll be definitely watching my mailbox!

Please do check it out and read her explanation of what's going on because I know mine is leaving much to be desired!


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  2. 105 is nice MA--isn't this fun

  3. I'm so thrilled the word is getting around about this---Suze has done a fabulous thing!

  4. Isn't this a fun exchange? I'm getting postcard #113 from Susan in trade for a postcard size lake piece based on my series of 100 lake quilts. It sounds like a fabulous exhibition she's setting up for next January. Now I've got to go see what you're getting in this trade with her.

  5. Hi!
    Thanks so very, very much for this nice plug about CYBER FYBER! I'm thrilled about all the trades and eager to see your work in person!


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