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Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry about the no-posts the past few days. The internet has been acting twiddly and to top it all off, now that I'm more or less working, blogger is refusing to load pictures. Hmmmm and hmmmm. Don't they know that I'm computer illiterate? Every time I attempt to load a picture, the computer locks up. What's up with that?! I can't survive without pictures on my blog.

I'm blaming the weather, which probably has absolutely nothing to do with anything. I'm heartily sick and tired of having snow dumped on us...another ten inches or so yesterday and last night. More is expected tomorrow. Enough already!! I'm getting buried alive....

I have been working on my TIF and my Exquisite Corpse pieces although I obviously can't show you proof. Can't show you the Corpse pictures anyway because we are sworn to secrecy so that's not a problem, but its a different matter with the TIF challenge. Maybe tomorrow.....

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  1. Hang in there girl I'm on my way with a shovel


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