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Friday, February 10, 2017

Last seams for block three

This one is made up of cross stitches, straight stitches & a French knot or beads.

All straight stitches, with either French knots or beads.

Mumblings for today...

- If you're wanting to organize your craft space, have a look at the ideas found HERE.  I can but dream.

- If our bathroom was a bit larger how I would love one of THESE!!   (takes a second to load and scroll down)

- THIS is a cute little pouch - great for using up scraps!

- If you go HERE there's a tutorial to make a round cosmetic case - but I think it would be great for holding sewing supplies too!  (Thanks Judy for this one!)

Another quote from an anonymous source...."You know you are getting old when everything either dries up - or leaks"


Christine Barnsley said...

More beautiful seam treatments Mary Anne.... looking forward to seeing the finished block! Love that mirror/cabinet.... what a great idea! Christine x

KimM said...

Great stitches - and great links. THANKS!!!

Vicki W said...

Beautiful patterns!