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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I hate shopping, unless it happens to be in places like a fabric store or Michaels.  Today I got to visit both.  I went in quest of zippers for my jean jackets, but came home with several other things. 

There's enough of these two yarns to make two pairs of felted slippers.
There's a half metre of the beaded trim and approximately
the same amount of that gold 'stuff'.  I have NO idea what
it is actually meant for, but I couldn't resist.

Magpies LIKE sparkly things!!

And, aren't these the cutest little owl buttons?
They just have so much personality.  

No idea what I will end up doing with them but they had to come home with me anyway.

All that, and I got the zippers too!


Suztats said...

That's the kind of shopping I like! Beads, baubles, yarn, thread, and trims!

kaiteM said...

from what i can see, that gold stuff might be sequin waste, lucky you.
and the variegated wools, i've been trying to buy some of that here but no luck, is it DK or what we call 8 ply? knit on 4mm needles? lucky you again.

Whytefeather said...

Fun shopping trip, and Oh I LOVE those owls! Felted slippers, those sound great. Do you knit or crochet them then felt?

Doreen G said...

And the little owls said "woo hoo" and you said "me me" and they went home with you.

karen said...

nice to know we have the same opinion on shopping!! Cloth, thread yes please. Anything else.....pants!

Leone said...

Love your little owls. I agree with you about hating shopping unless it's for art/sewing supplies. Great finds.