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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The other half of 16

I know you have to be beyond bored with all this, but we're almost there!  In this post we'll have a peek back at the last half of 2016.

In July I finished working on a knitted baby blanket...

The pattern was a free one from Bernat and can be found HERE.  

Also in July I played with making a fun little Tilda doll, as you can see here...

The pattern came from one of the books written by Tone Finnanger.

The Autumn issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine showed my crazy quilted family tree...

If you would like to see further information about this piece, 
you can have a look at my post HERE.  

In August the weather was very hot and I was contemplating the difference between a bear and BEING bare.  Since this isn't an X-rated blog, I thought the furry sort would be the better thing to share...

The pattern is from Vogue #7534 and was a gift for our #2 grandson

In November, I completed working on a quiet book, also for him...

If you would like to read (and see more pages) about this,
check out the label 'Quiet Book' in my sidebar.

Also in November I put the finishing touches on this crazy quilted Santa wall hanging which appeared in the Winter issue of the 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine....

In December Grandma's knitting needles were busy creating this sweater for our #1 grandson...

The pattern is from a Beehive booklet called 'Knit Menagerie"


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    Hi Maryanne i am in awe of all your beautiful work,i love it all ,you have an amazing talent my friend,thankyou for sharing xx

  2. Gorgeous items, Mary Anne. All are fantastic. Your crazy quilted family tree makes me think about what kind of hand-made family tree I might be able to produce. How terrific that is!

    1. I have an interest in family trees anyway so it seems like a natural thing to combine the two things. It's one of my favourite pieces I think.

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog!! Your site is awesome!

    1. You're welcome Rhonda! The 'awesome' definitely goes both ways.

    2. I am always in awe of work both of you create!

  4. I for one am glad you did a 2016 review. Being a newcomer to your blog, I had not viewed all those fabulous posts yet. I did not know you had been published, and more than once at that! Wow! We apparently are kindred spirits because I have a lot of the same interests you show through your referred links and review. I like getting out the yarn during the winter. Loved the ideas.

  5. Clever family tree crazy quilt. Simply lovely.

  6. Such fun to see the variety of things you have made! We printed out Hannah's blog to be able to sit and read through what her and Baa had published. It is so..oo...oo much fun to look back

  7. you give me a link to fabulous buttonholes. =) This past week I have been playing with knitted buttonholes for my cardie that I have just finished. I cannot tell you the painful time I had with knitting the perfect one. I will have to bookmark this link. Who would have thunk it to fashion a coaster out of buttons. Now I have seen everything.....well almost. about posting a "bare" post...........!! ;)

  8. Sipping on my morning coffee and checking out photos of so many of your gorgeous projects has been such a wonderful start to my day! You do such incredible work and I love checking out the links you share. I must admit, I was not expecting to see one to my tutorial. I'm glad you liked it! Wishing you an incredible week and hoping your secret project for the CQ Quarterly is going well!


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