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Friday, August 17, 2018

There was a bit more progress made on the latest barn as you can see from this picture....

The original photo had a lilac bush in the foreground and after much waffling and navel-contemplating, I suddenly had a brainwave and remembered that there's no reason I can't print my own fabric.  So I scouted about the internet and found an appropriate photo and printed it onto my fabric. a fit of complete and total madness....I decided that those lilacs needed to be done in French knots.  Thousands of them.  Possibly even hundreds of thousands.  

Anyway....the barn itself is well underway and that makes me happy.  If you scroll back to my previous post perhaps you can see the difference.  

- THIS is a very interesting article about dealing with yarn twisting while you're knitting with multiple colors.  I especially love the idea in the first picture!

- I love THIS idea - AND it comes along with the fun of eating the goodies first.  Win/Win in my books!!

- There are a bunch of links HERE for some pretty fun Halloween projects.

- THIS is rather cute too, but I think I'd be tempted to stuff it for a fun little toy for kids.  It caught my eye because I have a special request to make one of THESE for our #2 grandson.  I might just have to make him a toy to go along with it!!

- Have a look at THIS tutorial to make a beautiful large flower!

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  1. Oh yes....most definitely every Lilac flower requires many, many french knots! They will be the making of your beautiful barn. Me thinks this might just well be my new favourite barn. =)

  2. Love the lilac addition. The drisel stitch might be nice also .... break up the monotony!

  3. Oh your idea to print your own fabric AND add french knots is glorious. Not only will the finished piece be more dimensional, french knots are FUN!
    xx, Carol

  4. Why is it our minds always suggest a most complicated idea and then convinces us it will be worth it? Good luck with the french knots, but I thought last week the picture was definitely missing the foreground to accentuate the barn.

  5. Ha...ha...Love the shark - big and little! Great idea - about printing the fabric and go for it with the French knots.

  6. I've done a lot of fabric printing in the past. Must consider doing more of it. One suggestion for the lilacs: (maybe this suggestion is too late) anyway, some machine free motion stitching before doing the hand stitching. That way, you don't have to do so many French knots or other stitches of choice. Something to consider for future work.

  7. OMG your French Knot Lilacs sound divine! I cannot even imagine making so many...mine are never very good. Printing your own fabric is a very smart idea. Love your barn quilts and how you bring them to life. Happy week ahead Dear...<3

  8. The lilacs will be WOW (they might steal the show). And maybe it will take MILLIONS of them, LOL...

  9. I'll have to do some investigating on this fabric printing. Love those candy bag pouches. I've been saving candy bags to use as envelopes for my cards, as long as they're peanut free.


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