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Friday, August 03, 2018


Continuing on with the little series of peeking back at some of the things I've done, we're now ready to re-visit the rest of 2015.

In the spring of 2015 I was honored to be asked to become the Assistant Editor and proofreader for Pam Kellog's new 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine.  Since then much of what I have created in crazy quilt has been for publication there.  Not only that, but my work graced the very first cover!  

Also in 2015, Kathy Seaman Shaw asked me to proofread  her series of crazy quilting books and she subsequently has published two volumes: 'Beyond the Basics' (2015) and 'Ribbon Embellishments' (2016).  It was a huge honor to be asked to help her with these projects. Both books can be found on Amazon HERE and HERE.  

In late August I was doing an over-the-top happy dance because I was finally finished the 'Sane Quilts from H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks'. For those of you who weren't around then, I was asked to create a king-sized sane quilt for #1 son and daughter-in-love and when I went to purchase the fabric I got too much.  WAAAAAAY  too much!   Enough to make two (count 'em....two!) large quilts AND a double quilt AND pillow shams.  Proves I know absolutely zilch about how much fabric is necessary for these things!  (btw - see my previous post about my sense of humour if you want to read more about this debacle).  Anyhoo.....this is the final (double-sized) quilt that came out of it all...

I was working on a series of crazy quilted pillow covers and in October I completed this one...

In November I was in the throes of creating for Christmas and I made several of these pincushions for gifts...

The pattern for the cake came from HERE,  the whipped cream from HERE   and the strawberry from HERE.  

In December I completed the Christmas-themed pillow cover....

Also in December I finished crocheting this wee blanket...

And December saw the final result of seven years of my life spent transcribing (and publishing) three large family diaries...  

These diaries covered the daily life in a farming community from the years 1869 through 1943.  

- For those of us here in Canada that might be searching for online sources for fabric, have a look at the comprehensive list found HERE.

- Sometimes something pops up on the internet that astounds me.  It's even better when it not only astounds me, but also makes me laugh.  If I still had a garden, and had the raw materials, I would SO be making one (or several!) of THESE!!!

- And, just to further the fact that this blog is totally eclectic (!) I came across a couple of computer printer hints I thought I'd pass along.  One is to use the 'Century Gothic' font for your documents you plan to print...seemingly it uses less ink.  The other hint was to shake your ink cartridge when you are being prompted to replace it - often it will give you quite a bit more printing time.  Who knew?  (See?  I TOLD you this blog was eclectic!!!).

- For those of you who like doing zentangles, perhaps you'd like to give it a try with fabric using the tutorial HERE.  You could also use any colours of fabric I think.

Another quote from an unknown person..."Stop thinking so hard about everything.  Stop over-analyzing.  Just go.  Just do.  If it feels right, just go with the flow.  If it feels wrong, don't think about it anymore and walk away"


  1. Those toothy rocks are beyond hilarious....OMG. Also, thank you for the links to the online stores. Very helpful.

  2. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Hi Maryanne ,wow you are a lady of many talents,gorgeous projects there my friend xx

  3. Smiling stones!!!Unbelievable!!So funny!!

  4. I am truly enjoying your reviews of years past. It is amazing all the wonderful and beautiful Works of HeArt you have created. Funny Stones are hilarious and my Grandma would have made these for everyone! I like today’s quote. Serene Sunday Dear <3

  5. Yahoo, well done on these accomplishments. I was wondering if you know of a law in your province that allows a spouse to sign in their spouse to mental institution? I was talking over the weekend and this topic popped up and I'm researching BC.

    1. Afraid I can't answer your question Caroline because I haven't a clue. I know you can sign your spouse into a nursing home but I'm not sure about what rules might be in place concerning other forms of institutions.

  6. I remember reading some of the posts referenced above! That diary must have taken for ages but something to pass on to the following generations. The zentangle quilt was interesting and I saved the links for the Canadian shops. Thanks

  7. Love your links. The smile stones are hilarious. That made my day.

    1. I would make those smile stones in a heartbeat if I still had a garden!


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