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Monday, June 06, 2016

You all know.....

...that the regularly scheduled programming on this blog just HAS to involve some mumblings.  Right?  Alas, there hasn't been enough stitching of any significance to post any pictures, so instead I shall mumble once again.  I know - poor you!

- Vicki Welsh has a fun (free) quilt pattern you can check out HERE (the link to the pattern is in the first paragraph).  Great use for scraps, batiks or even an Eye-Spy!

- There's what sounds like a hugely fun "Santa Sack Swap' open for registrations HERE.  I'm toying with signing up for this one - but with the grandbaby coming I'm not sure I will have enough time to do it justice.  (Found via 'Wisdom With Needle and Thread' - thank you).  

- This is just a reminder that Sharron Boggon has an ongoing weekly embroidery stitch on her blog (called 'Take a Stitch Tuesday').  She gives excellent instructions for each stitch, as well as some ideas of how you can use it.  Go HERE to see what she has this  week.  If you've missed the previous weeks I'm sure you can scroll back through her blog and see them.

- For those who live in the US and enjoy cross stitching, perhaps you'd like this free Fourth of July pattern HERE (the heart can be used in other applications too).

- This one falls under the 'awww' category.  For crocheters who happen to like hearts - have a look HERE.  I can see this used in crazy quilt applications too!

- Another one for the 'awww' category.  Go HERE for a sweet little owl coin purse.  

- THIS would be great for the guys in your life (but I suspect, with a simple change of fabric, the gals would be happy too).  

- Just a reminder about the amazing charitable opportunity that Vicki Boster is spearheading this year.  Go HERE and please consider getting involved!

- If any of you are involved in selling your work at any craft sales over the next while, perhaps you might find the great tips HERE to be helpful towards improving your sales.

And now, as a little reward and as your quote of the day ( for having dealt with all my mumblings today)......


  1. I actually enjoy your mumblings and am amazed at how many wonderful projects you find to share with us. If only every human planted such a simple garden and spent quality time cultivating it. We would all reap the rewards. Blessed Mumblings Dear....

  2. How cute are those crochet butterflies and the cutie owls!. Great poem/saying at the end too.

  3. Thank you for all the lovely links Mary Anne! I always enjoy having a browse when I have time! Enjoy your week! Christine x

  4. Thanks, MA. Love the quote!

  5. Love the little owl purse...very cute:)

  6. I have just had a lovely long weekend of squash, lettuce and a lot of thyme. Now I am enjoying a full plate of peas.

  7. Thanks for the ideas. That's a good quote for a summer garden!

  8. That garden advice reminds me of a t-shirt my hubby has. It says:

    the Beet


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