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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The mail and some mumblings

My copy of Kathy Shaw's latest crazy quilting book arrived in the mail yesterday and I must say she's outdone herself with this one.  Of course I have had a sneak peek at it all prior to publication (being a proofreader does have its perks!!), but it's a thrill to see it all together and looking so grand.

This is volume II of what is planned to be a series of four.  (Volume I - Beyond The Basics;  Volume II - Ribbon Embellishments;  Volume III - Magnificent Motifs;  and Volume IV - Beyond the Expected).  You can purchase your copy via Amazon.

Pam Kellogg also has a new publication - she has re-released her 'Hearts & Flowers Biscornus' pattern ( so pretty!!) and you can get more information on that by going HERE.   And, a little birdie has shared with me that there will be another crazy quilt calendar contest coming up - I'll let you know more about that when the details are finalized.

Today your quote is another one from an anonymous source... 
"Fabricologist Resource Centre" - that sounds more impressive than "fabric stash"


  1. I just love Kathy Shaw's classes and books.

  2. I cannot believe I didn't buy this. However I was busy signing up for her latest Basic Crazy Quilt Class and buying her first book. So far I am behind in my tasks. Great new term for fabric stash.

  3. "Fabricologists Resource Centre" so much more impressive than the lowly fabric stash it! The book does look wonderful.

  4. Kathy's book is gorgeous! I have my copy safely on my sewing room shelf! Makes your fingers itch to stitch! Christine x

  5. Lol! Once again you made me laugh with the fancy name for "stash". I have a feeling if we got together for a visit, my face would hurt from laughing so hard 😁

  6. I didn't go for this one because I absolutely hate to embroider with ribbon. I didn't know she was publishing a series. I will grab the next two as soon as the are available.
    xx, Carol

  7. Resource center is a great descriptor for many a closet of shame, too.I have an Outdoor and Gardening Resource Center. And one for Outer Garment and General Household Appliance use. I really like this reframing, thank you.

  8. Love that new definition! lol I'll have to check out Kathy's book.

  9. The book cover looks beautiful. Fabricologists Resource Centre is a great way to disguise my hoard of fabrics!

  10. Great alternative to Fabric Stash.
    Congratulations to Kathy for printing her second book and best wishes for the next two.

  11. Thanks for the book review.
    I will now look at my 'fabricologist resource center' differently.


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