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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Some announcements (thinly disguised as mumblings?)

First of all, Pam Kellogg is working on putting the finishing touches on the Crazy Quilt Quarterly 2017 calendar and asked that I post the following...

The new calendar has some beautiful art done by thirteen amazing crazy quilt artists who entered the contest.  The judges (myself included) had a really tough time in choosing the winners.  You can see a peek of the winning work by cover artist Connie Eyberg above.  

So, if you would like to place an ad in the 2017 calendar, please contact Pam at pkellogg AT mc DOT net or you can drop a note to me as well and I will pass it along to her.  You do know to replace AT with @ and DOT with a .  I'm sure!

* * * * * 

- AND - Pam has just released a list of the winners of the crazy quilt calendar contest HERE!!!!  Of course you can't see the winning entries just yet - you'll just have to purchase a copy of the calendar when it's available for that.  I'll be sure to let you know as soon as you can get a copy.  It's slated for release on Sept. 1st.   

* * * * *

- there's a really cute pattern HERE for crocheted slippers

- if you're interested in contemporary embroidery, have a look at the work by THIS artist

- Kathy Shaw has opened registrations for her Intermediate ICQC-102 online class (it's free!) on Dyeing, Painting, Inking Ribbons, Lace, Fabric, etc. and you can find more details HERE (better hurry tho' - she's only accepting registrations until midnight June 23rd!!)

- I found it interesting to note that it appears that string art is enjoying a resurgence as THIS book giveaway will attest.  Who knew?  (no affiliation on my part - just mumbling!)

- Just a wee note to say that I have finished all nineteen postcards in my series and now it's on to the finishing touches.  Will post pictures later this week of the last two in the series.

Today your quote is from Napoleon Hill... "Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success"


  1. The link to the contemporary stitcher was great -- opened up a whole portal into textile art and artists, and the blog they appear in. Also added to my Twitter feed. So I got a lot out of these mumblings today, thank you!


  2. All 19 done! Well done you!

  3. Oh, I can hardly wait to see the last of your postcards! Each one is beautiful in their own right.

  4. String art...who knew it would make a comeback! What's old is new again. Did you do string art when it was in? I remember stringing sails on a piece of art that I sold when I did shows. I never really liked string art too much, but it is interesting to do.
    xx, Carol

  5. Beautiful Calendar Cover CQ. You do always find the best "mumblings" dear. Love this quote. Wonderful Wednesday...

  6. Congratulations on your finish!
    Thanks for the links, lots to study over.


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