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Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Postcard # 13

I finished postcard # 13 this afternoon so thought I'd share a picture...

There have been a couple of queries about what I plan to do with these pieces so here's the scoop - they will be stiffened with some heavy interfacing and backed with fabric that has been rubber stamped with the words 'Post Card'.  Once done, they will be sent through the mail (inside an envelope for protection) as little gifts.  Hope that clarifies my plans!

Today your quote is from the infamous anonymous.... "A careless word may kindle strife.  A cruel word may wreck a life.  A timely word may level stress.  But a loving word may heal and bless"


  1. How very giving and generous of you to mail your CQ postcards out. This is a great quote and one people should heed. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  2. Another beautiful card.... I imagine these are a lot of fun to work on as they are quickly finished.... very satisfying! Like your quote of the day! Have a lovely day! Christine x

  3. I think fabric postcards are in my future. I bought plastic sleeves. Now I'll search out a postcard rubber stamp and hope I kept a stamp pad when I gave my stamping things away. I really admire the post cards you have been sharing with us. I'm sure anyone that receives one will be thrilled.

    I like the quote today. A few days ago I was upset when a family member posted insults about another family member on Face Book. I posted in my status something about hurtful insults and how that sort of thing should not be posted for the world to see. I had quite a few reprimands in the comments saying that sometimes it's the only way people can say what they want to. Guess all those commenters either missed the point or are part of the problem. I'm back to shunning Face Book.
    xx, Carol

  4. Another beauty! I'm loving these.

  5. Great quote.
    I always stop and look at your header, really beautiful work, MA.
    Your postcard is another work of art too!
    Fun project.

  6. Love the quote of the day and what a clever idea with the postcards. One of the ladies in a little facebook group I'm in ( we meet once every 2 months ) belongs to a postcard group - they make and send them to lots of people all over the world. She has a little book where she keeps the ones sent to her and a coloured copy of the one she sent. It is a lovely record.

  7. Another beautiful postcard, Mary Anne. Such a great quote too.

  8. Actually they are a very good idea for when you want to try out an idea or just do a small bit of stitching:)

  9. What a special postcard, they will be so well received I am sure - I had to chuckle about your Mr Magpie meeting my Mr Wren they would get on famously I'm sure!!
    Wren x

  10. Your postcards are so gorgeous!! Beautiful stitching!

  11. I also think these postcards would work in print. Get them then have an endless supply of postcards!!

  12. Lovely to see your beautiful postcard creations MA!
    Each one is so pretty.
    Sounds like your little pirate had a great birthday.
    What a cutie.
    Nice to have something to celebrate in a world that seems to have gone mad.


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