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Friday, May 29, 2015

Updates - times two

First of all, thank you all for expressing your concern and prayers for our building superintendent who was shot in that incident last night.  The latest information we have is that he was airlifted to Toronto (our nearest big city) and is in stable condition.  The shooter is still at large, but police divers have recovered the gun from the river that runs past our buildings.  There was a very large police presence around our buildings for much of the day.

Apparently our super got into an altercation with a moron who was walking around with open beer - against the law - which culminated in him being shot twice at close range.  We live in a smallish town and I know we have our fair share of morons here, but these sorts of things are quite rare and certainly not in broad daylight in an area that is primarily retirees.  Certainly rocks the world you think is safe!

Now, on to better things....

Because our parking lot was cordoned off most of the day, I wasn't able to go anywhere so I was able to get a little stitching done on the hussif...

The seam to the left is simply a piece of flowered trim with some little ball trim on each side for additional interest.  The seam to the right is done with pearl cotton.  The cat (a brooch) was discovered on our last thrifting expedition and is absolutely perfect for this project.  The recipient has a cat we jokingly call 'The Cat From H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks' and doesn't this one look the part?  He's not stitched down as yet and will end up having beads for eyes.  I'm working on another section, but will save that to show you later.

I thought I'd send you off to see some other eye candy and tutorials.....

1.  Renee has been working on an Under The Sea crazy quilt block and has posted a series on her blog about the steps she took to create it.  You can go HERE to see the completed block and then follow her links back to see it evolve. 

2.  Kathy Shaw has posted a couple of great tutorials that you might find interesting as well.  The first is a stumpwork acorn and oak leaves and can be found HERE.    The other is showing some really cute owls she has created and can be found HERE

Today the quote is from the Dalai Lama..... "We live very close together.  So, our prime purpose in this life is to help others.  And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them"


  1. Haven't watched the news and I haven't read any blog posts until now but boy, what a doosy. Glad that your super is OK and that they found the gun. What kind of nuts are out there shooting people for no good reason? I hope the police have a good description of the idiot.

    BTW, that's a love gift you received for judging and I see your hussif is coming along quite nicely. Love that cat.

  2. Oh my goodness, that's so scary about your superintendent. Hopefully he recovers quickly. Just goes to show that there are indeed morons to be found anywhere.

    That cat is going to be a perfect touch. :-)

  3. Guns seem to be rampant with persons who aren't smart enough to know how or when to use them...of NOT use them! Prayers and Healing Energy for the Super. Love seeing your seam treatments. Blessings...

  4. Hello Mary Anne! I hope you aren't too shocked about that very nasty incident... it does rock your world knowing that something like that can happen so close by. Hope your superintendent will make a good recovery. I am glad that you had your stitching to work on! You are doing a lovely job with the hussif! Hope you have a good weekend! :) x

  5. Thanks for the updates on your Sup and your stitching.
    I just got my Summer issue of CQ Quarterly and I love seeing your column there.
    Have a great weekend!!
    xx, Carol

  6. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Not all the nuts are in the trees!!! Glad we were there Wed and not Thurs!!! Stay safe!!
    Mrs Noofy

  7. Im not really happy with any tom, dick and harry having guns, I think the inclination to use it if you have one, is just too great, whatever situation you are in.
    Glad your super is being cared for and hopefully he pulls through fine.
    Hope they get fingerprints off the gun and sort the bugger who did it out!
    That cat looks just great!!

  8. Glad things are calming down, you have time to make progress and that's good.

  9. You've had lots of unwanted excitement. Hope things work out for your superintendent. Love the cat brooch. It will fit well into your piece. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece.

  10. I was reading through your post and sharing information with my hubby about the shooting. I also shared about the hussif you are making and pointed out pictures of the cat, agreeing that he definitely looks like he fits the description you shared. I imagine the beads will just add to that! :) Then, I was completely surprised to see a link to my UTS block series shared on your blog. You are just too sweet. Thank you!

    Kathy's stumpwork acorn and oak leaves are just amazing and her little owls are incredibly adorable! Thanks for the links!

  11. we have morons here too if it helps....I am so glad to know from your other posts that the injured party will recover.


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