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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

There be dragons!

Well, just one dragon, but that's okay. 

Cross stitched, using waste canvas

I put this little guy on the Oriental hussif I'm working on.

Today I have a couple of things that some of you might find interesting.  Firstly Cathy Shaw has announced open registrations for  her free  intermediate ICQC-103  class "Embroidery With Threads".  You must have taken her Beginner's class, as well as ICQC-101 in order to sign up for her latest offering.  Go HERE for further information and be sure to register before midnight on May 15th.

For those of you who are interested in sane quilting there are tons of links to free patterns to be found HERE.  There's some really nice ones so it's definitely worth a look.  

Today the quote is from Beverly Sills... "You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try"


  1. One of these days, you must explain about how to use waste canvas. I know why,but not how!

  2. Your little Dragon is very sweet. I also really like that red stitching line you have created. Creative Bliss...

  3. My husband thinks all quilting is crazy.... after all who in their right mind would cut up a perfectly good piece of fabric just to sew it back together again!!! :) x

  4. Thank you for the links:)

  5. And such a cute little dragon he is!!! I wish I had time for cross stitch-- I used to love to do it. But I'm knitting obsessed you know and something had to give. I've often thought about trying it again...

  6. Oh, I just LOVE your dragon! How fun!!! Thanks for the links!

  7. That dragon looks like he's in a good mood, so far. Great background colors.

  8. he's a very handsome chap indeed....I do love the detail you place in your work, tiny little areas that make such a difference to the whole piece.

  9. What a lovely dragon, so sweet! Hope you are not suffering too much with the allergies today.

    Barbara xx

  10. WHERE do you find these small motifs to stitch on your blocks? I'm going to find time to go through some of my old Leisure Arts books to see if I can find any. I'd love to add these small motifs to my Princess On A Pea blocks.
    You KNOW you are my go to guru!!
    xx, Carol

  11. Oh my goodness! That dragon is beautifully stitched! Isn't is amazing what can be done with waste canvas?


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