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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Several things

I have a bit more done on the latest hussif and thought I'd show you...

Yes, I know there's nothing even remotely Oriental about Winnie the Pooh!!  However, my daughter-in-love happens to like Pooh Bear AND her name is Winnie.  Of course there had to be a 'Winnie' on her hussif, don't you think?  She also likes tea, so the little tea pot and cups reflect that.  (and yes, he is standing straight on the hussif!)
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Pam Kellogg has asked that I let you know that she is searching for people interested in placing Community Ads in the next 'Crazy Quilt Quarterly' magazine.  If you have a blog, Etsy shop, or crazy quilting supplies for sale please contact her at pkellogg AT mc DOT net.   You can also find out more HERE.  It's a great way to get exposure for your business or your blog!
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For those of you who might be confronted with the need to put a price on something you've knitted, I found the following article .... 

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I'm a huge fan of the gorgeous felted pieces that Jackie Cardy creates (and am lucky enough to own a couple of her creations) and she has just opened her own web site HERE.  Go and have a look at the pieces in her gallery.  Gorgeous!!  She also blogs HERE.
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Kathy Shaw has just announced that registration is now open for her ICQC102 (Paints, Dyes, Inks, Markers) module which covers such topics as painting fabric backgrounds and dyeing lace motifs.  Registration is only open May 19 through 22nd so you'll have to hurry!  Go HERE for further info. As always, Kathy's classes are free.
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Today your quote is from Winston Churchill ... "It is a mistake to try to look too far ahead.  The chain of destiny can only be grasped one link at a time."


  1. This new hussif of yours is looking lovely. The addition of Winnie the Pooh adds a touch of whimsy. I love the teeny tiny teapot. Thanks for all the links, I must read them. I don't think we as stitchers, knitters and makers are ever really recompensed what we should be. Sometimes the pretties we create would be priced way out of people's reach. Sadly, 'tis the fact of a creator's life.

  2. Hello Mary Anne! Love your Winnie the Pooh... your daughter in love is going to love this gift made especially for her! :) x

  3. i've always loved Winnie the Pooh. when i was teaching, i used to make little Winnie the Pooh reading books for the kiddos that needed just a little extra help....along with Batman and Robin books. that was a very long time ago.

  4. Hi Mary Anne, Your daughter in law will cherish anything you make for her. Your creations are always sooo beautiful! I love that you've included that adorable little fun, and it's perfect being that's her name!
    Thanks for all the great info! Have a fun day, sweetie! xo

  5. I love it when you keep us updated on what's going on in the needle world.

    Love the Winnie Too...very clever.
    xx, Carol

  6. I adore Winnie the Pooh and I think adding him is a perfect touch:) I'm also a big fan of Jackie Cardy. I love her new website.

  7. Embellishing is so fun and personal!
    Great progress.

  8. oh yes! Winnie the Poo, love Winnie the Poo. I'm sure he would be very welcome in Japan.


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