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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One step forward, many more back

The progress on the hussif was rather dismal today.  As you can see, all I accomplished (that's fit to show anyway) is a little panda face....

I spent a couple of hours stitching a tree, and then promptly reverse stitched it.  I use tissue paper to create patterns and stitch over top of it.  I thought the colours I had chosen for the tree would be okay, but once the tissue was removed the tree faded into the background too much.  I should have remembered to take a picture before I ripped it all out and shown you a 'how-not-to' post.  Oh well, tomorrow I will re-stitch it and hope it looks MUCH better!! 

For those of you who like to quilt, Vicki Welsh has a list of free quilt patterns that you can see HERE.    There is LOTS of inspiration!

Today the quote is from anonymous.... "When nothing goes right, go left" 


  1. sounds like my golf today...nothing was going right.... well, actually lots of balls went to the right...but, the hole was to the left.... and, way too many shots to get close enough ...oh, man...just every little thing went wrong...maybe I'll take up lawn bowling.....

  2. Hello Mary Anne! I love the little panda and it is a shame about the tree.... I will look forward to seeing the updated version! :) x

  3. It's a cute little panda!

  4. Such a cute panda and really, why the hurry girl?
    Hey saw this and thought of you, have you seen it?
    Its a thread catcher pattern, perhaps an ideal accompaniment for a hussif!

  5. The panda is adorable! Taking the tree out must have been frustrating. But your quote made me giggle. Very fitting!

  6. it's a very cute little Panda face though....


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