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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another project done!

I usually spend my evenings in front of the tv (where there is nothing much worth paying attention to) with my knitting needles in hand.  Last night I finished making this little fellow...

The pattern is 'Knubbelchen' and can be found on Ravelry.  The original pattern calls for sock yarn but I chose to use 'Simply Soft' by Caron.  The pattern is very well written and great fun to knit.  Perfect for a little one to grab onto (and chew!!). 

Today the quote is from Oren Arnold.... "Christmas Gift Suggestions:  To your enemy, forgiveness;    To an opponent, tolerance;   To a friend, your heart;   To a customer, service;   To all, charity;   To every child, a good example;  To yourself, respect"


  1. oh it's delightful. i printed this pattern months ago when one of my knitting classmates made one in pink for her granddaughter....i haven't gotten to it yet. i just love it.

  2. Oh hes delightful!!
    and a lovely huggy for some lucky baby lol

  3. Cute doll! I have never seen this style knitted before.

  4. Your needles must have been going in high gear! Very cute!

  5. Still cant get to comment on bloglovin.
    have to go to my own blog,,,,,sigh

  6. What a cute little doll for your wee grandbaby. :-)

  7. this is sooooo cute!!

  8. Hooray! I'm finally able to comment on your blog. No help from Bloglovin so I made sure you were in my list there. It worked.

    I like your little fellow, he is so cute


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