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Monday, December 29, 2014

A request for quilting help?

I have been asked to make a sane quilt.  Am I scared? Well, yes!  I'm not a sane quilter and really haven't had much experience with it in any form, particularly the mathematical aspect of it. 
Have I ever mentioned how dismal I am at math?

This project is a special request from our #2 son and daughter-in-love and this is the pattern they have chosen...

The pattern itself isn't a problem (and thankfully is a relatively easy one to stitch).  My huge problem arises with trying to get this pattern,which finishes at 56"x70", translated into one that will be useable on a king-sized bed.  I should (hah!!) be able to increase the number of blocks until it comes out to the right size.  BUT (and here's the kicker) I don't know how much fabric to even consider buying in order to make a quilt that large. (According to the pattern the blocks end up finishing about 10" square).

The other issue is that the pattern calls for purchasing a 'jelly roll' which I am unable to do (and wouldn't know how many I'd need to buy to increase the original pattern to a king size).  They don't sell jelly rolls in the colours that the kids want anyway, so it's not an issue.  That means I will have to buy the fabric in yardage and will need to buy a minimum of five different ones for the blocks alone (and, to be honest, I expect at least ten would be better).  Because I have to travel a considerable distance to get the fabric I need to be certain I buy enough.  If the kids wanted a scrappy look it would be much easier, but they have chosen  tone-on-tone white and trying to find enough variety in those 'colours' could be a tricky thing as well. 

This is where I throw it out to you and beg for any help you can provide.  Any suggestions, advice, knowledge you'd be willing to share?  I really am hoping someone will have this pattern already drawn up in the correct size so that it's easy to follow (read math!!!!!). 

Thank you, in advance!!!!

Today the quote is from John Lennon.... "I get by with a little help from my friends"


  1. I feel your pine! I too am a dummy when it comes to maths but do not fretthe Internet is your friend here as well as 6 our friendly neighborhood quilt shop.
    you can find cheaters for quilt size on line just Google for quilt size chart and the best of them will calculate yardage for you too.
    if you would rather the personal touch your local quilt shop can do much the same (warning! Jo-anns,hanckock, or michael's NOT the place to go!) Find a little cozy quilt shop with friendly women and they will stear you right.
    you will not be the only sane newbie either.
    go forth into sanity and good luck!

  2. I am no help whatsoever with the math part (I am a word person and tend to transpose numbers.) Perhaps you could get a starting point by taking the measurements that are on the pattern and doubling it. I would go with yardage mainly and then throw in some fat quarters that are the same colour and value but are different fabrics. It would add interest.
    Have some fun with it.

  3. I forgot to say that we 'sane' quilters add borders to quilts that need to be a certain size.

  4. will be happy to put this into EQ and create a larger quilt for you. EQ will also provide the yardage you need. What I would need from you is the size of the finished quilt you want and how many colors you want t use in the blocks. Also do you want just one color as the setting triangles?

  5. Is it an idea to make that quilt the kind of center of the big quilt, so that it's appliqued into a bigger plainer background fabric, which can then be bound around the edges to tone with the center piece? you'd easily be able to calculate fabric that way, and it would look very very good, not too much.

  6. I wish I could help you but I have never made a quilt. If you Google to calculate yardage for a quilt...a lot of sites come up that might help you.

  7. Sorry I can't help MA. I've only made 1 sane quilt, and it was smaller than what you plan to create. And it was full of errors and do-overs. I wish you the best of luck. Someone more knowledgeable than I is sure to come forward.


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