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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Yep, I'm mumbling again....simply because there hasn't been a darn thing accomplished in my studio for days!

Anyhoo... I stumbled across a really sweet free pattern for cute knitted dolls on the Janie H. Knits site and thought you might be interested in seeing it and perhaps creating one (or a few!).  It's a great use for scraps.

Another great free resource for some great projects (not knitting tho') is from Sue Bleiweiss via her site HERE.  Sue has also just had a book published called 'Sketchbook Challenge' and it's definitely on my wish list!  Be sure to check out her blog while you're there because she does some pretty cool things.


  1. I have filed that pattern on my computer....By the time I get around to knitting up my scraps ( I never throw anything away) I will have great grandchildren.

  2. Oh,these are so nice. I didn't realize which pattern it was, since I know it under a different name. I made a whole bunch of these and donated them to ICROSS Canada, for distribution to African children in an AIDS clinic. And turned on a few friends to make them, too, since even a pretty beginning knitter can do these,and they look so cool!

    The guy at ICROSS uses them as packing in the equipment crates he takes with him on the African trips, medical stuff for the clinics, and this was a great idea, instead of plastic peanuts, to give something that would be presents for the little patients.

    He posted pictures of happy little kids clutching their dolls! they're just the right size to fit into a hand. thanks so much for reminding me of this great idea.

  3. Thanks for the links. I love Sue's blog.

  4. thanks, i'll go take a look.


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