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Friday, July 13, 2012

Eye candy - by the scores!

I've mentioned this before on my blog (and actually took part in it a couple of years ago) and today is launch day, so I'm sending you off to spend time snooping through exploring all sorts of wonderful studios.  I guarantee you are in for a great time and will find all sorts of ideas to use in your own studio, however big or small it may be.

Karen Valentine is hosting a huge blog party called 'Where Bloggers Create' and if you go to her site HERE and look on the right side under 'Where Bloggers Create 2012' you will find an alphabetical listing of the bloggers who are taking part in the tour.

HERE is an example of just one of the wonderful studios you will see on the tour.  CreativeCarmelina is a blog I enjoy reading - just to see her eye candy!

Have fun!!

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