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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Stitch videos, and some more class work

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here's an update on my Embroiderer's Ledger classwork..


  1. That's a great link, thank you. I already took a look at a video, and the quality is very good indeed.

    There are so many videos that are so awkwardly made that it's not very informative - knitters who put their hands between you and the stitches! spinners who have everything happening off the screen while you get a great view of the spinner's face, etc, and knitters who chat on and ON and don't get around to actually doing the demo.

    But this lady is really good, well worth following,thank you.

    You have definitely influenced my embroidery life this year, Mary Ann, what with the Pintangle stitch challenge, which I used for quite a few weeks before moving on, and now this great place.

    It's fun to see your own work in progress, too, and I'd like to know a little bit more about what's in the pix.

  2. good to see you have stopped that cooking nonsense and are concentrating on the important stuff!!


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