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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ledger work and birds of the blue variety

Yesterday we were lucky enough to be able to attend a Blue Jays baseball game - had a great time, but unfortunately our team!!  We had excellent seats just above the Blue Jays dugout and a great view of the game.  It was fun to see it up close.

Today I finally found a few spare minutes to finish working on a little insertion for my Embroiderer's Ledger and here it is.  This is embroidered on a piece of handmade paper...


  1. No mention of who won the game....

    You know how I love embroidering on handmade paper, so I liked this piece very much. Did you make the paper, or was it an Indian purchase or Japanese? paper fans needs to know!

  2. Very nice. I'd be scared of ripping the paper. I guess you have to be super careful. I don't know how Karen does what she does.


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