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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

small things

I'm working, just not in my studio room because it's too hot in here.  Stitching in the living room where we have a/c is by far the best place to be.  The past few days have been hot but the humidity hasn't been overwhelming.  We had rain last night so today the humidity level climbed.

Anyhoo...  I have been doing a wee bit of embroidery (which I hope to be able to show you tomorrow) and I've made these:

Wee crocheted coasters
for wee gifties.  


  1. No way I'm showing mine. You have to step over things to get to the sewing machine. I like it like that.

  2. Not going to show mine. You have to step over stuff to get to the sewing machine.

  3. lol mine is an entire bedroom, full of stash stuff- where I never go to stitch and the living room whilst watching tv or listening to radio...........and then theres the overspill bags in the dining room, come from living room.........thats where I throw things in a carrier bag cos theres a visitor coming!!


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