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Monday, September 19, 2011

Latest project--- and ----- wow!!

This is my latest project - a cross stitched chickadee designed by Pam Kellogg.  My favourite bird is the chickadee so this was a natural for me to do.  I originally planned to give it as a Christmas gift, but I suspect that this little fellow is going to live at my house!  The pattern is called 'A Bird For All Seasons' and, besides the chickadee, Pam has included a robin, hummingbird and a blue jay.  We put a small birdfeeder up over the weekend and we already have chickadees (and a couple of bluejays) visiting us.  
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I stumbled upon a really beautiful blog that I'm sure you would like to peek at too..
Evy does some gorgeous stitching and today her post
gives us a glimpse of some gorgeous textural pieces
from an exhibition.
Go HERE to see!


  1. Love that fat little bird! :-) We always have a lot of them in the winter, whether there is food out or not. Lots of seed from plants here in the country.
    Went to the mailbox today in a RED sweater and was almost mowed down by a hummingbird!
    It was LITTLE but MIGHTY! LOL!
    Beautiful work....


  2. Such a cute little bird. We have lots at the feeders in the winter. I love watching them.


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