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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Piles....of the not-so-painful sort

Pile 1 of 3!
Today I was gifted with a TON of used denim and right now my living room has three piles looking somewhat like this.  One pile is being donated onwards because they are too good to cut up; another pile is 'my' pile that will be used in my jackets and other projects; and the third pile is the stuff that's just plain too grotty to use or donate which will end up going to the fabric recycling.  

I really hope we don't have company tonight
because there is NOWHERE left to sit!!


  1. you could wrap up one pile like a lumpy bean bag if someone comes by.

  2. that is one fabulous stack of denim you have there!!!

  3. I could probably put my little derriere on top of that pile!

  4. Just organize the heaps like chairs around the room. that and a bit of panache, should do it. Lumpy chic.


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