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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Failed experiment

I knew this would happen, but had to try it anyway just to appease my curiosity.

Piece of lace, with what I suspected to be nylon content,
left in the tea dye solution for about four hours...

Looks rather tinted, but not much colour.

.... After rinsing

Colour?  All gone.


  1. I have had this happen too! I wonder if there is something it can be soaked in to keep the color. I have had some beautiful dye colors rinse right down the drain.

  2. I hate when that happens! I found that if I heat set (in the dryer or with the iron) before rinsing, I had better luck. I still lost some color because there was no mordant used, but some remained. Good luck on more experiments.

  3. Oh I dislike when this happens to me....lovely piece of lace thou...

  4. That is sooo frustrating when it happens MA but we learn from experience so someone once said??

  5. one tick for the lesson box

  6. Try paint or some of those glimmer mists. I know, perhaps not the natural way, but should do the trick!!

  7. Oh, I hate when that happens. Does that mean that spaghetti sauce and red wine stains won't stick either?

  8. I never rinse anything that I dye like that. I just pat it with paper towels then put it in the microwave if not too large and then iron. It will retain a good amount of the color.

    It is too bad because it would have been a pretty color.



  9. This is where dilute acrylic comes in handy, rather than dye. It sits on top of the fibers but won't budge, hangs on there. Dyes can't bond with nylon or synthetics, usually, and can be washed right off. Sigh.

  10. you know transfer dyes are made purely for synthetics?? and because you paint them onto paper first, then iron them onto the synthetic when dry... you can vary depth of colour to co=ordinate with your eco dyes..:) Samantha x


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