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Monday, September 26, 2011

More chickadee progress...

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I will be absent from the blog for the balance of the week (try to contain your glee).  We're actually going on a short holiday to Quebec...first time we've actually been away for a holiday in many years so we're really looking forward to it.  The fall colours should be great and I suspect my camera will get a lot of use.  Now we just have to hope for good weather to show them off to their full advantage. 

Please do talk amongst yourselves. 


  1. hurrah, a holiday for you two, enjoy it and do remember the camera and a fully charged battery.

  2. Have a great time MaryAnne...see ya when you get back

  3. Yippeee!!!
    have a wonderful time MA - it's so nice to go away from home for a few days!

    then it's always good to get home again.
    yes please, i wd love to see Canadian autumn colour.


  4. Ooh! The chickadee is looking beautiful! Enjoy your holiday. I bet is it gorgeous this time of year. Here's hoping for good weather for your trip...

  5. Have a wonderful time MA!

  6. how exciting!!! have a fandabbydozy, fantastic holiday!! Look out Quebec, trouble is coming!!!

  7. Have a wonderful time!

  8. Enjoy your well earned vacation, MaryAnn. And make sure we see pix when you get back.

    The chickadee's looking very nice, too.

  9. have a wonderful time MA love Samm x

  10. Have you changed your font? what I'm seeing now is so broken and irregular that I can hardly read it at all. Maybe you're experimenting? anyway, a clearer one is much appreciated by this commenter!


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