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Monday, August 09, 2010

There's a gremlin at loose!!!

Not only has the resident gremlin stolen my favourite seam ripper and made off with it, now I discover that there's a whole box filled with to-do projects that has managed to escape the premises.  For the life of me I can't find it and my studio isn't THAT big!***  That's what I get for thinking I should re-arrange put my treasures in plain sight and the gremlin TOOK it!!!!!!!!!

OR ELSE!!!!!

So, I shall thumb my nose at that miserable studio gremlin and post pictures of the garden after the rain (so there!!)

*** and just so you know, I'm well aware that I'm losing my mind. ***



  1. LOL I know how you feel MA. Since I re did my studio, I can't seem to find certain things and I know I didn't get rid of them. They are heare somewhere, but for the life of me I don't know where. And I thought I was getting MORE organized. HA HA! Love your photos though! Everything will show up....or not! Just like mine! :)

  2. What is going on over there? That is what you get for looking for those unfinished projects. That is why they call them unfinished projects, they are supposed to stay unfinshed :). Really, I hope you find them soon.

  3. this today my friend. I have a gremlin in my home too. Your photos are lovely .xxoo

  4. Oh my... that sneaky little gremlin! He waited until you were busy and took off with the precious!

    **it's ok MA, we're all loosing our minds :) isn't it fun to have friends along for the ride!**

  5. don't tell me the gremlin has grabbed your mind and made off with it too - how naughty of him. Hope you find everything again soon...k.

  6. Lovely pictures a little rain really adds to the beauty of nature.
    I guess you must have "put those things somewhere where you'd know where to find them", as my Mom used to say. LOL

  7. Mind? What mind? Are we to have one??? :D
    Love the garden pictures much better---color sat is wonderful!
    Thumbing MY nose at the gremlin too.....

    Anne (who has a wealth of gremlins living here....)

  8. Mom, you lost your mind years ago... Right around the time you gave birth to me!


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