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Monday, August 16, 2010

Look what I won!!

I entered a draw on the CRAFT blog/website and 
was lucky enough to be the winner of this book! 

I have made a few pairs of socks but have to admit they haven't been my favourite thing to do - mainly because it's so very difficult to actually finish the second sock of the pair.  This book solves that entire problem by showing you how to knit both of them at the SAME time on a circular needle!  Not only that, but because they are knitted from the toe up there is less danger of running out of yarn before you're done.  Win/win I would say!!

There are 15 sock designs in the book.  Another of the pluses to this process is that you are able to try on the socks as you knit to get a perfect fit.  The author, Melissa Morgan-Oakes, has another book too - "2-at-a-Time Socks'.    Specs are:  'Toe-Up 2-at-a-Time Socks' published by Storey Publishing,  c2010,  ISBN 978-1-60342-533-9.
Thanks CRAFT and Storey Publishing!!

and finally, here's a photo of a butternut squash flower 
from our garden.


  1. I can do something that is flat but knitting socks is something I have yet to do. Great looking book you won.

  2. Ironic that you, who have a ton on your plate and don't like knitting socks should win a book where you will be expected to knit TWO AT A TIME ...

  3. Thanks for your comments, the second batch of pages I did are a little lighter than the first batch and I think I mentioned on the journal blog that I put the dark ones in the bathtub for 15 or 20 minutes to take some of the paint off and then rubbed them with a cloth. It did help.

  4. Sister Magpie,
    You are the lucky one! That is a great book. No fun working on the second sock, second sleeve or second anything.

  5. OH, good for your MA! It's fun to win things isn't it? Well, I don't usually win things but it's fun for me when my friends win things! LOL!!!

    I need my mom to give me a refresher course on knitting. I've been crocheting more lately. If you want call what I do crocheting. It's more like making a mess with funky yarn and a crochet hook! LOL!!! But it works for my crazy quilting and that's what matters to me!


  6. That's how I always knit my socks, unless I have some quirky pattern I can't adapt. I swear, it makes them quicker to knit!
    I love the fact too that as they are being knit (especially the foot part) I can try them on for fit.
    Because I have knit some real monsters in the past....semi-related, but not nearly the same in tension or length! HA!
    (yes I wore them.....)



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