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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rip it, rip it (oh, ouch!)

I begin this tale of woe with the sad fact that something
ate my favourite stitch ripper. 
It's been my faithful companion
lo these many years
and I miss it!!

Yeah, had to buy a new stitch ripper which is MUCH sharper than my old trusty one.  This afternoon I've had a marathon of reverse stitching all these denim pockets getting them ready for possible inclusion on the latest jacket.  Did I mention that my new stitch ripper is sharp?  I now have several owies and did I also mention that I want my old ripper back?  So...if whoever/whatever made off with it reads this I'd appreciate its speedy return. 
I'm excited about something else - last night I signed up for my first on-line course (after plunging headlong into the mysteries of using PayPal, which was a feat in itself).  I've been watching with extreme interest a few postings around the 'net about Carole's Journal and finally asked her to keep me in mind if she decided to rerun the course.  She's not exactly rerunning it at the present time, but she is allowing a few people to join in the present class.  I'm SO excited, nervous (well, terrified actually, but don't tell Carole that!) and getting ready to tear into my stash to pull out all sorts of 'stuff' to use in my journal.  My 'plan' is to use  a lot of the garden photos I've taken this summer in my journal to create a memory book.  Of course, plans are apt to change because pretty much every project ends up having a mind of its own.  If you would like to find out more about the class, have a look here!'s a photo that I might be using in my journal.....


  1. Good for you Blossom! Jump in there and DO DO DO!

  2. did that hibiscus survive your winter? i think i remember when you bought it, it's beautiful.
    I'll have a look around and see if i can find your stitch ripper, it might be here somewhere, lol! k.

  3. You will love the course MA it is so much fun.

  4. I just joined the on-line jounal class today too, my first on-line class and my first experience with PayPal but it did go well. Nice to meet you

  5. Gorgeous photo MA!

  6. Did you check the kitty litter for the seam ripper ???

  7. Sister Magpie,
    Something is up with missing seam rippers. Donna at lost hers as well. She found it under her sewing machine, look there stranger things have happened.

  8. Ouch, your poor hands! I hope you make friends with the new seam ripper if the old one doesn't show up.

    That class sounds like so much fun, how exciting! I love your hibiscus, just beautiful. I have a white with hot pink center dinner-plate hibiscus. Unfortunately the Oklahoma winds bruise and ruin the flowers too quick even though I had moved it to the north/front of the house for a wind block.

    Love how your black jean jackets are coming along, can't wait to see the end results!

  9. That is just gorgeous MA!!! I love flowers. And I had to recently buy a new ripper too. Broke my last one which I liked much better than the one I have now.


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