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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sometimes I *heart* the mailman!

Today was a great mail day!

Look what arrived.....

It's a beautiful hand made needle keep from my friend Pam Kellogg!!

A few weeks ago Pam issued a plea on her blog looking for pink eyelash yarn which was evidently in very short supply in her area.  A trip to my local dollar store yielded up what she was looking for and off a little package went to her.  This is what she sent me in exchange...isn't it lovely?  When I opened the parcel I immediately focused in on the handsome spider!

Thank you Pam - I love my new needle keep!!
p.s. - if you check Pam's blog you'll find an excellent tutorial on how she makes her spider webs.


  1. what a thoughtful exchange, and a wonderful spider and web...k.

  2. What a wonderful exchange. I love the spider - great colour.

  3. I'm so glad you like it MA!!! Hugs!!

  4. checked Pam's blog and like the tute. Thanks MA.

  5. What a beautiful surprise! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I rushed out this afternoon to buy a ruler so I could tear decal edges and got some Distress ink pads as well. I have been going to buy them for some time but kept putting it off, I have heard so much about them.

  6. How thoughtful both of you are. I am so glad to know you both.


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