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Friday, August 27, 2010


Wednesday was our CQTeers meeting and this month the theme was 'doors'.  The bottom left is by Sue and the one on the right (with the door open) is one of Irene's famous pebble-heads.  The upper right one is by moi -I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but there's a tiny little roll of toilet paper to complete the 'outhouse' theme.  We had fun with the fact that Sue and I both were thinking outhouses!!

The bird card on the upper left came in the mail yesterday from Debbie.  She included a nice note written on a card she had stamped with the same little bird, along with the envelope too.  Needless to say one of those little birds is going to appear in my garden journal!  Thank you Debbie!


  1. I do like ATCs. Mini works of art.

  2. Anonymous7:19 PM

    These are very lovely haven't tried these yet but will one of these days. Linda

  3. Lovely little ATC's! Hmmm, that reminds me.....I haven't made one of those in quite a while.

  4. have to giggle at the great "tp" minds!
    fun cards and isn't it always a special treat to get to play with friends!


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