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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Have you noticed?

I've been doing some blog updating!

If you will have a look to the left...


There are all sorts of posts now
sorted with labels,
so hopefully you (and I!!)
will be able to find things


  1. Well you are a braver woman that I!
    I decided to take a romp through one of the new Blogger templates last evening and was generally frustrated and fumingwhen I was done. It took till this mornign (another couple of hours...) to get what I wanted.
    No, I am not changing my blog.
    It's just my brain drain spot, and I think I'll leave it AS IS!!! LOL!!!
    My nerves can't take the change! ;)
    Nice job!


  2. yes that's nice and neat, easy to find things and easier to tidy up than one's actual workroom, it doesn't involve bending! and have you noticed the lovely new background to my blog, Spring flowers from the new design templates. I'm very happy with it and the longest time was in deciding which one to choose.
    sunny day at last today, so big garden and outdoors day. k.

  3. Organization does help. Some people don't put labels on their posts. Pity.

  4. looking good!! I never saw that application as useful for finding things.....I just thought it would look nice! Now what does that say about me?? Definitely haven't got an organised mind!!

  5. Excellent MA!!! I tried to keep my blog as organized as I can too.
    Very nice!


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