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Monday, July 06, 2009

Yes, I'm that old!

Here's Kyra whispering secrets with my old (over 50 years) doll. Yvonne had posted a picture of her childhood doll and I immediately recognized her as being the same as mine! Neither one of us can remember the name of our doll and I don't think there are really any identifying marks. I've looked through a number of doll pricing books and haven't been able to find her. I suspect that she was purchased through mail order...perhaps Eaton's? Somehow, over the years, I've managed to lose her original clothing.

Further on the subject, has anyone had any experience with the vinyl on old dolls becoming 'sticky'?? Her face is the problem (her body seems to be made with the different..harder..material). Any ideas?


  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    She looks a lot like Rusty. You met her last week (the naughty one with all the Mardi Gras beads!) Is she a 3' walking doll?
    Mrs Noofy

  2. You sure have brought back memories for me MA.
    My doll looked the same as yours and I had carted her all around Australia as we moved to different States.
    But alas in the last move she decided that she had had enough and she ranaway.
    It was several years before I realised that she was no longer with me.
    I got her for my eighth birthday and she was dressed as a bride.
    Her name was Susan.

  3. MA I had an Australian made vinyl doll which looked very similar to this one, must have been based on the same doll. Her name is Sue and she still has her original dress and hat, but I lost the little shoes. She also suffers from vinyl decay, nothing can be done about it unless you take them to a doll hospital for expensive treatment, and then there's no guarantee. I also had a hard plastic walking doll I named Margaret, I still have her as well, but she's broken quite badly. I haven't the heart to toss her out though, she lives in a box with the panda bear who's lost his music box from my childhood. There was also a very soft plastic glamorous air hostess dolly given to me after a piano recital, not sure what happened to her.
    Thanks for the memories,

  4. It sure is the same doll MA! Wow! Yours is in better shape than my poor old doll. On mine she is okay except her eyes have gotten to look bad. Her original dress fell apart, it was pink. I don't remember anything else. She is a baby doll, not a bride, does not walk, is not 3 ft. tall, has red hair. Her body I've always cleaned with alcohol swabs, but not too often. I found an old baby doll dress that fit her pretty good and that is what she is wearing now. I played with her a lot, as she was really my only doll.

  5. You sure have instigated a wave of memories MA. My doll was a baby doll. Her name was Trixie. Unfortunately she lost her head during the war. I kept her carefully in a box until after the war and then took her to the doll hospital as soon as it reopened. When she was all fixed up my mother said I was a bit too old for dolls now and that there were needy children who should have a doll. So, bye bye Trixie. Sometimes this charity thing is for the birds!


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