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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I tried..... take a picture of some dust to go along with this post, but unfortunately I couldn't find any in my house (and if you believe that there's no hope for YOUR sanity).

Anyhoo...son #2 sent me this link last night and I was totally blown away. Scott Wade is an incredible artist and just wait until you check out what HE can do with dust!!! Enjoy.


  1. Gee, that was a really nice time-waster. I wonder how he came up with the idea. Kinda like the sand castle art and the sidewalk chalk drawings. Funny, but he didn't seem at all disturbed when the rain cleaned it all up.

  2. Isn't that amazing what people can come up with. I love the sand art that people do and that doesn't last either. I guess it's not about "lasting" if you really love art.


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