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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Studio Storage

 Fabric Quilt Studio is showcasing studios and the methods we use for storage this month. I'm an organization-junkie, so this is something I find hugely fun. 

The picture shown above shows some of my storage (including the mess on the shelf that I just noticed now...oops!). These containers were a dollar each at the local $ store, cheap and functional. I can't remember where I got the ugly pink labels, but I have a humongous roll of them. I know I wouldn't have paid good money for them, so they must have been a freebie somehow. The two boxes labeled 'Paper' on the top shelf were another type the dollar store had. The red plastic mesh container (guess where it came from) holds scraps of paper. A recycled shoe box holds my collection of stickers.

Above is one of my shelves of denim 'bits'. I finally realized that it was unwise to save entire pairs of jeans because they simply take up too much space. Over a period of time I managed to cut away all the unusable bits, leaving me with a lot less to store. (You can just see a corner of the knitted denim...fabric...bag I made a few years ago).
This picture shows part of an old cabinet I picked up at a yard sale for probably less than five bucks. There are glass doors on the top part inside of which I store my bead collection. The shiny silver 'things' on the top shelf hold my small beads (the picture below shows one of them open). Below that are yet more dollar store containers which hold the larger beads, most sorted according to colour and some according to theme.

This is where I store most of my fabric. Because I am mainly a crazy quilter, I don't have a huge stash of fabric in large pieces. Again, I have sorted most of it according to colour so that things are easier to find. This dresser is also a yard sale find. On top you can just see the bottom drawer of a 3-drawer plastic storage thing. The top two drawers are currently holding my balls of yarn (but will soon have to move because they're outgrowing their space).

Any fabric yardage I have is either stored on the same shelving unit as the denim or on the bottom shelf of the unit in the first picture. I also keep my muslin, cotton, and other fabrics I use for foundations in an old suitcase (if I remember rightly...ten whole cents at a yard sale). Another three drawer yard sale find holds my doll making supplies in the top drawer and the bottom two hold my paper crafting supplies. I don't scrapbook per se, but still use paper in a lot of my work.

All these pictures are clickable if you think you can stand it!


  1. that's a whole lot of orgainizing for such a compact space! :-) I've often wondered how crazy quilters can lay their hands on the "right" piece so easily... My categories are much bigger -- so laces, rick rack and trims are all thrown together in one place; maybe if I sorted them a little further as you seem to I'd use them more easily...

  2. I covet your storage containers, your so methodical. I do TRY to get more organised, I really do, but I seem to like the "treasure hunt" that happens each time I need a particular thing. Too many Indiana Jones movies in my youth I guess, LOL. Do you do house calls, M A? It'd be worth your airfare to Oz to get organised, VBG.
    FYI the word ver. needed for this was turdsons - someone is having a bit of fun with the progamming there !!

  3. I remember what that looks like!!! heehee

  4. I might even throw in a few buck with Christine to get you over here to Oz.
    I too love containers and I keep buying them to put stuff in then forget where I have put them.

  5. I too frequest Dollarama on occasion. I have my projects in them. I'm not half as organized as you are and now I think I will go get some of my mess cleaned up.

  6. Anonymous6:22 PM

    better organisation than mine!


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