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Monday, July 13, 2009

More garden 'stuff'.

This is part of our veggie garden. The potatoes have huge tops...just hope there's hugeness going on under the ground too! In a couple of weeks we will test them out. Can't wait!
You can see the garlic is growing really well! Good thing we like garlic (and so do our friends) because Jack grows a lot of it.

And this is Henry, an extremely heavy garden statue who overlooks things and instructs them to grow. To the right you can see the few milkweed plants we have (trying to keep them under the 'radar' of the weed police in the area...they're classed as a noxious weed and are frowned upon). We live in hope that a monarch butterfly will chose our plants, but no luck so far. It just plain makes me cross that the local authorities are so against these plants, because destroying them means the decline of the monarchs. At least we're trying to do our little part to keep them alive!


  1. I love Henry!!!! Hope the butterflies find your little haven you have for them!

  2. Anonymous10:24 PM

    what a great veggie garden, im a bit jealous, you know! im growing garlic for the first time at the moment - it is a buit marginal here - too wet or humid or something.

    how silly the weed that feeds a butterfly is a noxious weed - glad you are rebelling. glad too you arent like the woman i read about here who planted a vine for richmond birdwing butterfly and then killed all the 'nasty' caterpillars that were eating the vine. she didnt realise that the caterpillars *were* the butterflies she was trying to attract!

    i like Henry too!

  3. oo slip me some noxious seeds wouldja?

  4. PS "Noxious" my ass--look at this

  5. What a tidy garden - I envy you as mine is a mess at the moment. I have not had time to get out in it at all. Thanks for spreading the word that I blogging again

  6. Save some garlic for me, pleeeease!

  7. It must be awful living in a place where you can't do your own thing in your own garden.I love weeds!(But I'd like a few more plants that flower in mine!)


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