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Friday, July 10, 2009

Catalpa blooms

This is just one clump of the blooms on our catalpa tree. They remind me so much of orchids. The tree will have long brown seed pods in the fall, most of which will cling to the tree over the winter.
My husband tried unsuccessfully to start a catalpa until he realized that, if left to Mother Nature, the seed pods would be frozen over the winter. Once he placed a seed pod in the freezer and then planted the seeds, they grew quite easily. (Each pod has a large number of seeds, not just one). It has now grown into a lovely shade tree in our front yard.


  1. OH i miss those! My Gramma's cottage garden in Southampton was loaded with them---always remind me of summer...

  2. My son has one of those in his yard. Such a lovely tree.

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    lovely tree - never seen nor heard of them. visiting your garden is like visiting an exotic botanical garden to me!

  4. Hi, Magpie!

    I have a HUMUNGOUS catalpa tree in the front yard, but it's done it's blooming quite a bit ago. They're gorgeous, aren't they? And the leaves - they're so big and broad - perfect for a shade tree. Mine keeps the corner of the house cool in summer, that's for sure. I love hearing how your husband grew one - my sister has wanted one in her front yard, so I'll have to tell her about this!

  5. Beautiful tree, I see why you love it so.


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