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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Doll Nostalgia continues

This is my other 'old' doll, which I received the same Christmas as the one I showed yesterday. My bachelor uncle gave this one to me (never expected he would even think to buy a little girl a doll, but he did. I think that's mostly why I treasure her). This is her original dress, but I have long since misplaced her underwear, shoes and her hat. You can see she has a 'broken' arm (which I took to a supposed restorer, who did an AWFUL job). She is all soft vinyl, which is really starting to deteriorate.
Below is my treasure, old and tattered tho he may be. He was once a pajama holder & has a zipper in his bottom. I never store pjs in him - he held little pieces of paper with all my childish writings and treasures. He is totally threadbare and his stuffing is falling out. Some of it has been replaced by my mother with old nylon stockings (no, they aren't panty hose!).
I remember my aunt giving me what she thought would be a replacement Lassie, but I couldn't bring myself to love it. This poor fellow was my bedtime huggee for years and I still can't bear to part with him. Funny thing about memories.


  1. What a beautiful face on this doll MA.
    And I have visited Paula's blog today already.

  2. I love that you have kept these old toys from days gone by MA. Here's to you!!!
    I may put Paula's quote she has on my blog with her permission. It will make you think and I would like to keep sharing it with others.

  3. MA, I had a doll that looked a lot like this, she was a bride doll and I think her hair was darker. Otherwise, the face was the same.

  4. You've done it again MA, inspired me to blog. Hope you enjoy my story about my own childhood "playmates".
    Thanks for the memories,

  5. MA, are your dolls tacky and greasy or is it just your flash photos? Are they stored in a cupboard in cardboard boxes in a dark, dry place? I take mine out now and then to check and wash, then re-pack. Us old girls need TLC you know, LOL,

  6. Glad to know you "never buried old toys or abandoned imaginary friends." ;~)


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