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Friday, July 17, 2009

Butter tarts...and....more Crazy Quilting

Here is about half of the butter tarts Jack baked in the past couple of days. We have a family reunion (his) here on Sunday so these will be part of the desserts we will have. It's a potluck so there'll be lots of goodies to tempt us.

I've been following the blog at Don't Call Me Crafty and am constantly delighted with her crazy quilting. You might want to have a look at some of her eye candy!


dogonart said...

Butter tarts hmmm. delicious. Thanks for the link ...her work is astonishing.

arlee said...

are any of those on their way to this poor starving artist?

FredaB said...

First I want those butter tarts. You come down here and then think of things like meat pies, sausage rolls, peameal bacon, buter tarts, queen anne tarts. I could go on all day and how could I forget fish and chips. They Never taste the same down here.

The next thing is I went to the gals blog and her work is outstanding. All those mermaids and underwater things. I will go back when I have more time - sure enough eye candy there.

Maybe Jack could share his recipe for the tart mixture.



Doreen G said...

You have just added pounds to my weight problem MA---don't you know I just have to look at any desserts and I gain weight--shame on you.
But they do look good don't they.

yvonne said...

She has some elaborate crazy quilts. They are gorgeous with all the detail and beading and ribbon work.

yvonne said...

HOw do you make a butter tart??? Sure looks good.

Jackie said...

Butter tart sounds just up my street...unfortunately!

arlee said...

HEy yeah!!! Jack's Butter Tart recipe please!

smarcoux said...

ohh this so reminds me of my mom.... she always made butter tarts .... date squares ... and yes if he could share his recipe .. I wil bake some of my own here in england ..

Lauri said...

Thank you for the shout out about my blog!!
I have been plugging away on the Under The Sea quilt, I will be posting more pics soon
Thank you so much!!