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Thursday, December 04, 2008

These blobs are aprons?

Why yes, yes they are. How does one take a picture of aprons and have them look like aprons? And no, before you get any ideas, I'm not about to do any modeling!! Anyhoo...two more presents done. Today was more or less a lost cause when it comes to creating anything. I spent a lot of the day volunteering at a gift wrapping booth in the mall. Is it a sign of the times that we only had five gifts to wrap in the four hours we were there?

The only thing I can honestly say I got done today was to tea dye a doily. Oh, wow...SO very stimulating!!


  1. I'd say having a couple of aprons done is a wonderful start on CHristmas... If you truly want a way of modeling them, try tying them to a kitchen chair maybe...

  2. Oh be still my heart, the excitement would kill me......

    And get Hubby to model them!

  3. Ah! living on the edge I see!

  4. well all i did yesterday was tea-dye the front of my tshirt when i missed my mouth - so you are doing better than me.
    nice aprons. havent you got sons who would model them for you?


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